2017 Student Elections

Associated Students Grossmont College 2017-2018 Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2017-2018 Student Elections.  The Student Leaders will assume responsibilities at the start of the Fall 2017:


ASGC Inc. President – elect

Skyler Delacruz
ASGC Inc. Vice President – elect Jennifer Gross
Comptroller – elect Amy Bianchi
ASGC Inc. Webmaster – elect Daniel Pacheco
ASGC Inc. Director of Publicity Taylor Peeples Black
ASGC Inc. Director of Student Activities – elect Danica Hutchins
Executive Secretary of Student Legislation – elect Daniel Pacheco
ASGC Inc. Board of Directors – elect  

Alexandra Ambrosio

Almarelly Reyes

Angelica Terrrones

Brandon Vivero

Duana Powell

Frank Mercado

Jeffery Jovellano

Margen Dishmon

Mia Harris

Nyvine Habchi

Samantha Munoz-Ayala

Wael Butros

Adam Ellestad

Yasmin Barragan

Student Trustee – elect Brandon Vivero

*Candidates who won multiple positions will be asked to select position(s), according to the ASGC  Constitution and Bylaws.