Grant Requests

*PLEASE NOTE: The information contained on this page may not reflect the latest ASGC, Inc. policies and procedures regarding Grant Requests. The information will be revised by the ASGC, Inc. comptroller upon return for the 2013 Spring Semester. – 1/12/2013


All registered students and faculty members, as well as authorized Grossmont College clubs and classes, are eligible to apply for an ASGC, Inc. Grant.

Rules and Regulations

ASGC, Inc. Activity/Event Grant requests (dealing with activities or events held after the ninth week of the current semester; not purchases) will be considered, prioritized, and voted on by the ninth week of each semester. All regular Grant requests will be considered, prioritized, and voted on by the thirteenth week of the semester.

NOTE: ASGC, Inc. does not accept Grant requests for 299 courses, individuals, or reimbursement for activities or events that occur prior to Grant approval.

Click here to download a copy of the Grant Request Form.

Once the ASGC, Inc. Board has made its final vote on all Grants in their perspective cycles, Grant requesters will be notified in writing of approval or denial. If approved, you will be directed to the ASGC, Inc. Sr. Account Technician for the processing of your Grant. Requests that do not receive funding may be resubmitted in a subsequent semester.

Meeting Minutes are available approximately one week after each meeting and are publicly accessible in the Meeting Minutes archive.

Grant Request Procedures

  1. Complete the ASGC, Inc. Grant Request Form (found here).
  2. Attach a detailed Grant budget.
  3. Obtain the Grant priority for this department, a copy of the department budget, and approval signature from the Dean/Director of the department.
  4. Submit the completed ASGC, Inc. Grant Request Form with all signatures and required attachments by the appropriate deadline to the ASGC, Inc. Comptroller.
  5. Schedule a date to present your Grant request to the ASGC, Inc. Finance Committee with the ASGC, Inc. Comptroller.

*Please forward all questions concerning Grant requests to the ASGC, Inc. Comptroller by using our automated contact form to send your message.*


Help us help you! Please answer all questions, provide necessary explanations, and attach all appropriate documentation prior to the application deadline. Incomplete applications may be removed from the Grant process. We will attempt to notify you if an application has been removed.