Campus Projects


District enrollment is projected to increase by almost 10,000 students by 2015, bringing total enrollment to 35,000. Grossmont College enrollment is projected to reach 20, 000 and Cuyamaca College is projected to reach 15,000.

More than $6 million in technology infrastructure has upgraded voice, data and electrical systems in recent years, preparing for the new facilities and changing technology demands. State and local bond revenues continue to fund badly needed repairs, upgrades, renovations and expansion.

Proposition R, the $207 million facilities bond measure strongly embraced by East County voters in fall 2002, is a key funding source. The Proposition R spending plan allocated $107 million to Grossmont College and $75 million to Cuyamaca. The remaining $25 million refinanced construction-related debt ($8 million); technology infrastructure ($6 million); as well as program and project management over 10 years ($11 million, with $1.4 million identified for environmental reports and legal fees).

The District has been able to use Prop. R funds to access $68.1 million in State matching funds for many of the projects.

In addition to the new construction listed, more than $28 million has been allocated for behind-the-scenes repairs and upgrades. Major lighting, roofing, plumbing, electrical and flooring projects, as well as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning improvements have been taking place at both colleges. Fire alarm upgrades and energy-conservation projects have been completed.

Parking Expansion

Proposed Grossmont College Parking Structure Mockup

This project consists of a three-level parking structure in lot 5 to add approximately 750-800 parking spaces for a total of 1431. The plan also includes new Public Safety offices. Besides additional parking spaces, the structure is designed to greatly improve access for people with mobility problems. Two pedestrian bridges will connect the parking structure to the Grossmont College main campus.

  • Architect: International Parking Design
  • Interior Design Architect (public safety office): Carrier Johnson, Architects
  • General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
  • Square feet (parking structure): 402,503
  • Square feet (public safety office): 3200
  • Project cost: $24.5 million
  • Funding: Proposition R
  • Groundbreaking: June 18, 2008
  • Project completion: Summer 2009

Health/Physical Sciences Complex

Proposed Grossmont College Health/Physical Sciences Complex Mockup

This two-story complex will house classrooms, labs, lab preparation areas, and faculty and technician offices for the forensic technology, physics and health professions programs (nursing, occupational therapy assistant, respiratory therapy, speech-language pathology assistant, cardiovascular technology and orthopedic technology). Physical sciences labs, a rooftop astronomy lab, two computer labs, and a large lecture hall for health seminars, guest speakers and combined class lectures are other features of this comprehensive facility which completes the college’s science quad area.

  • Architects: Mosher Drew Watson Ferguson
  • Interior Design Architect: Carrier Johnson, Architects
  • Square feet: 52,000
  • Preliminary cost estimate: $35 million
  • Funding: State bonds and Proposition R
  • Groundbreaking: September 12, 2008
  • Projected completion: Spring 2010

Administrative & Student Services

Proposed Grossmont College Students Services Building Mockup

Griffin Center

Proposed Grossmont College Griffin Center Mockup