Chartered vs. Non-Chartered

Save Money and Benefit

Not Chartered

Not Registered
/Minor FEES
  • WEBSITE & HOSTING $20/Semester ]
  • CLUBS CARD LISTING (CC$30/Semester ]
  • SUPPORT $20/hourly ]

Why your club should charter?

Compare the benefits between a Chartered Club and Non-Chartered Club. Both options can receive the same support and features, the only difference is that Chartered Clubs don’t have to pay additional fees for most of the services, at least the important and standard services.

What’s holding you back? 

Can you not find the members? Do you need an advisor? Stop by the ASGC or Student Services is you are having difficulty forming a club.

Chartering Saves Money

If you’re not a chartered club and you want a website with a CLUBS CARD listing. Your club can easily pay starting $50 a semester. The prices can easily increase if you need assistance in designing your CLUBS CARD for the homepage and or if you need further assistance / support with the website. Within one semester the club expenses could easily cost $85. But luckily, there is a Refund Policy for certain services if you get Chartered within a certain amount of time from when you paid. — See the HELP section for complete information.