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My First Website

My First Website. Use the link below to go through the tutorial to learn how to use the website builder.  

How to use the Page Builder

Whether you are new to website design or seasoned veteran, we recommend you still take a little bit of time and go through the video samples and walkthroughs of how to use this system.

This link: How To Documentation will take you to a page that covers what modules are, how to use rows and sections.

We recommend you play with the Premade Layouts when learning. This will allow you to learn at an accelerated rate. You might even like the premade layouts and choose to go with them.

Get a Club Card - HomePage (Thumbnail)

When submitting the form for a website you might be thinking, how do I get a thumbnail, placard, card for my club on the home page?

The club does not actually need to sign up for a website to get a “CLUB CARD” on the homepage. To get a CLUB CARD, simply email the with an image that measures (w)225px by (h)300px.

If you are not sure how to make one, we recommend using the the free online image editor and creator or if you have access to photoshop, illustrator, or another graphics program that can save and image at (w)225px by (h)300px. We request that you save the image in either a (.jpg or .png) format.

Quick Facts

  • px = pixels (this is common web form for measurement)
  • w = width
  • h = height

We Need Help!

If you have nobody with design ability and would like help making a CLUB CARD for you, we will be happy to design it for you. There will be a $15.00 Design fee.

We aren’t charted, can we get a CLUBS CARD?

  • Yes, but just like for non-charted club requesting a website, you must pay for the premium placement on the home page. The current price for a CLUBS CARD slot, non-chartered is $30 a semester.
  • We understand that this may sound a bit expensive, but it only takes 5 students and an advisor to charter a club. – more info

How to Get a Clubs Site

If you are confused as to where the form for the clubs site is… click on the GET A PAGE link in the top navigation.


Scroll-down to the bottom of the page and click on Get It Now button. 


You will then be taken to the form. Fill out the form completely. Submit the Information.

Then make sure you send either the Clubs Advisor, President, or Vice President to the ASGC to have them sign and date the submitted form. The Club will then receive an email in the account that was set as the clubs account. This email will contain the username and password for accessing your new clubs website and admin area.


If you are familiar with wordpress, then you know about themes. If you have custom theme you want to use with your club site, that is fine, but you will not be able to use the Page Builder ability and we will not be installing any other page builder plugins.

Can We Get Additional Functions?

Our site build is quite intuitive and contains many tools needed to build a website. However if you would like additional options to work with. Please email the and describe what you need to be able to do. We will try and find a solution for you. However if the request refers to a shopping cart or selling of products online, you must get permission from the ASGC. We also would like to let clubs know that not all requests will be accepted.

Our club is not chartered !

Ok, so your clubs not charted. Can you still get a website at ? The answer is YES, but we insist that the club get charter officially or that the club join another club as a sub-part of that club. If a club is not chartered, there is a small fee per semester.

$20.00 a semster
$30.00 for two-semesters

Refund Policy

This applies clubs who were not charted and payed to have a clubs page. If your club is now charted and you payed the charted fee to have a website, then you can receive a Refund if you meet the following conditions.
  1. You must provide proof that you are a charted club
  2. Someone must come into the ASGC; the Advisor, Vice President, or President and sign the Clubs Website Refund Agreement.
  3. Lastly, and most important. You must be chartered within 30 days of your payment. You may not be 1 day late. This will void the Clubs Website Refund Agreement.


get updates and changes about this site. Such as new features and additional custom premade layouts.

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