Club Adviser Responsibilities


The club advisor is a volunteer position. An advisor works with the student groups because they are interested in the student’s activities. The advisor must be a faculty member, supervisory or classified employee of Grossmont College. The advisor serves in a role-modeling advisory capacity only and is not responsible for the actual activities or workflow of the organization.

Club Activity

Meetings of the club are not to be considered official unless the advisor or designated substitute is present. The advisor is present at club activities to provide assistance and guidance and is a resource for any problems that may arise. The advisor should supervise the financial activity of the organization and be aware of account balances.


A responsibility to the college is inherent to the position of the advisor. The advisor must know and understand the college’s rules and regulations regarding organizational activities and must ensure the club is following these regulations. Any problems arising from the club should be discussed with the Inter-Club Council Advisor and resolutions must be made as quickly as possible.


  1. Witness the signing of all signatures on the Club/Trust Account Information Sheet, and sign as an advisor only after all officers have signed.
  2. Sign requests for a check or a purchase order after the paperwork is completed and verify the authenticity of receipts as related to the allocation of funds.
  3. Assist with advanced planning, especially with regards to long range goals and short-term projects. Help establish overall club and individual member expectations.
  4. Provide information on the history of the organization and sources of information for the solution of the problems in financing, scheduling, etc.
  5. Attend all meetings and functions.
  6. Represent the club/organization interest in District and College entities, as well as in ASGC, Inc. related matters.
  7. Model and mentor leadership techniques. Facilitate leadership skill(s) development and the fostering of individual commitment and teamwork attitudes.
  8. Assist in the evaluation and correction of committee action. Provide corrective feedback to club officers/members and corrective action in problem-solving situations as needed in an informal manner. Help establish club rules and regulations for organizational operation.
  9. Grant freedom for club members to call the advisor for help in emergencies.
  10. Have a student representative at all Inter-Club Council Meetings.
  11. Assure compliance with Grossmont College, GCCCD, and Inter-Club Council Policies and the rules under which the club/organization operates and keep the club/organization informed of potential violations before they happen.