Club Charters

To register a new or existing club, students will need to:

  • Have at least five (5) currently registered Grossmont College students who agree to take primary responsibility for the club and at least one (1) faculty adviser.
  • Create and submit a constitution. New clubs can check out this sample constitution. Re-registering clubs must submit their constitution annually upon registration or when changes are made, and may do so here.
  • Complete and send the Online Club Registration Form, Part I.
  • Submit a signed Officer/Principle Member Signatory Form, Part II. The Signatory Form requires original signatures from the officers/ five (5) principle members.
  • Submit a signed Advisor’s Agreement. The Advisor’s Agreement requires original signatures from club advisor(s).
  • A minimum of two (2) principle members must complete either an in-person or online orientation/registration session and complete and submit the orientation/registration session quiz to the Student Affairs Office. The orientation/registration session will cover Grossmont College policies and procedures pertaining to student organizations as well as outline the resources and support available to officially registered student organizations.

*Notice to Clubs*
No club/organization may discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), disability, medical condition, age, status as a Vietnam-era veteran, marital status, or economic status in any policies, procedures, practices on admission, or access to club membership.

To remain active, all student organizations must re-register each fall with the Student Affairs Office.

Please make copies of the Trust & Roster portions for your files before submitting to Student Activities.

The Grossmont College page for the ICC is your one-stop source for all info regarding the ICC; whether it be creating and chartering (or rechartering) your own club, a directory of existing Grossmont College Clubs, the ICC manual, and more. Go to the Grossmont College ICC page today  for much more info!