The Spring 2017 Benefit Sticker is only $12.00!

Get yours online through WebAdvisor (with debit/credit) or starting January 30th from the Activities Window in Building 10, next to Financial Aid (with cash only).

Please note:  If you ordered online, please bring your Grossmont College ID card to pick up your sticker @ the Activities Window. You can call 619-644-7603 if you would like to have it mailed to you — but you really should stop in at the window to pick up all your free stuff!

Spring 2017 Benefits as follows:

The following are FREE to you and can be picked up at the Activities Window, Building 10, next to Financial Aid. Hurry in for best selection!  While they last!

  • 4 Datalink Sheets
  • Double Walled Solo Cup
  • Grocery Tote

These items can be obtained during our office hours at the Associated Students Office, Building 60, Student Center:

  • Unlimited Popcorn
  • Unlimited Hot Coffee or Hot Tea (requires a reusable mug)
  • Stop in to visit us and find out about other benefits we have planned for you!!!

The following are benefits also available at the Activities Window:

  • A one-time-offer of up to $5 cash rebate (10% of your book price, $5 maximum) for books purchased at the Grossmont College Bookstore.  Bring your campus bookstore receipt to the Activities Window during one of our Rebate Weeks: Feb 21-24, Mar 20-24, Apr 17-21, May 22-26 .
  • Discount Movie Passes to AMC –or– Regal/United Artists/Edwards
  • $8 Locker Rental
  • $1 Per Page Outgoing Fax Service

The following discounts are available to you on campus:

  • 10% Discount at the Cafeteria, Java Market, Griffin Café, and Café 200
  • 10% Discount on supplies and emblem gear from the Grossmont College Bookstore

Other Discounts in Your Area

    • $15 off all tours (90 Minute Original Sea Cave Tour, 2 Hour Guided Kayak & Snorkel Tour, 2 Hour Whale Watching Tour)
    • 15% off all Clothing
    • Phone 845-625-7227 (Sabrina Barr)
    • Visit website:
    • $10 off any essential oil or product
    • Contact:  Becky Toth
    • Phone 619-251-7834
    • $10 off tax preparation or consulting fee
    • Contact:  Heather Austin
    • Phone 8587522153
  • My City Screen Printing
    • 200 stickers for $60 (3″x3 circles or square, clear or white vinyl, 2-4 business card)
    • Contact:  Heather Austin
    • Phone 8587522153