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ASGC, Inc. Limited Loan Program

ASGC budgets funds each semester for a textbook limited loan program.  These funds are only used to purchase required textbooks not already available at the Learning Resource Center.

Students who are unable to buy a required textbook or borrow it from the LRC may request that ASGC purchase the book. If funds are available, ASGC will buy the book for the LRC to place on reserve. This process should take approximately one week if the book is in stock at the campus bookstore.

Please contact the LRC reserve librarian for more information about using books held on reserve.


  1. Pick up a request form at the Student Activities Window
  2. Fill out the form and take it to the Extended Opportunities Programs & Services Office, Room 621.
  3. Once the form is signed off by EOPS, bring it back to the Senior Account Technician in the Student Activities Office.
  4. The Account Technician will contact you when the book is available at the LRC.


  1. The ASGC, Inc. does provide discounts at the Campus Bookstore and Ross Books Store by use of the Benefits Package.

Tips When Buying Textbooks

  1. Buy used books when available.
  2. Ask instructor(s) if older editions are suitable for the course.
  3. Ask instructor(s) if they have loaner copies.
  4. If more than one book is required or recommended, check with the instructor before class begins to ask when in the semester the book will be needed – they usually put this information in the syllabus.
  5. If you are eligible, consider financial assistance for the cost of books from financial aid, EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, or New Horizons.
  6. Check with the library and ask if your textbook is available for limited loan. If the library does not currently have the book, ask the instructor to request a desk copy for the library.
  7. Compare prices from several book sources on and off campus, offline and online. Ask instructor(s) for the textbook ISBN number(s) to ensure you get the exact version you need.
  8. See if the textbook publisher has any available discounts.